Ryan Heitz, Director of Technology


Ryan Heitz is a certified project management professional and IT expert. He supports federal data centers and manages physical-to-cloud migrations, leading teams of engineers with expertise in Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services, .NET web applications, F5 Traffic Management, and Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud.

Ryan has served federal customers in roles as diverse as project management, customer service, federal IT regulatory compliance, battalion enterprise architecture, security administration, server administration, database administration, procurement, and technical writing. At the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, he supported and directed the design and implementation of the website architecture. He also provides oversight for a service desk that helps developers and researchers.

"I tend to shy away from conventional wisdom in IT project management,” Ryan says. “I find that customers become most engaged when we take a do-it-yourself approach to product design and service management. At QIP, we strive to recognize when it's best to use a cookie cutter, and when to use our bare hands."

In addition to holding a broad array of industry certifications in computer systems and project management, Ryan also has a degree in Chinese, with a minor in Linguistics. An avid bicycler, he enjoys exploring the DC metro area with his wife and two children.

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