QIP Creates Live-Action Video at Mississippi State University

Being responsive to changing client needs is one of our key responsibilities at QIP. Some years ago, QIP started producing animated videos to meet client demand. Soon, we expanded our capabilities by adding live-action video to our repertoire, bringing videographer and video editor Matthew Frazier on to our team. Due to our expanding need for content development, we also hired Sarah Ensor, a writer/editor with a background in journalism.

In April 2017, Matt and Sarah, both members of QIP’s Content and Communications team, traveled to Mississippi to film footage for a live-action video for the Education Data Technical Assistance Program (EDTAP). The completed video, now available on YouTube, is called Mississippi State Spotlight: Involving Stakeholders in the Development of a Research Agenda. The video showcases the expertise of personnel who worked to involve stakeholders in the development of a research agenda for a statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS).

QIP started producing animated videos to meet client demand. Soon, we expanded our capabilities by adding live-action video to our repertoire.

Matt and Sarah conducted and filmed interviews at the Mississippi State University National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center (NSPARC). Leaders from various agencies had gathered there to discuss the state’s SLDS. Personnel involved in the development of Mississippi’s research agenda shared, on camera, information about how the state engaged stakeholders during development and why stakeholder engagement is important for such a project.

Matt worked with on-site staff to secure an appropriate location for filming: a room with good lighting and as few noise disturbances as possible. Even the remotest sites when filming live on location are prone to interruption from outside noise, so Matt directed the film production with attentive regard to audio quality. He occasionally had to halt filming due to the microphone picking up unwanted sounds—such as people emptying garbage cans outside and a motor on a freezer—and then direct the resumption of filming when the noise disturbances were resolved.

It was great being able to rely upon the expertise of QIP staff to shepherd the SLDS Mississippi Spotlight video from ideation to publication. I had support thinking through and developing the overall vision and hope for the spotlight, the components needed to create a detailed yet brief video, and the script and interview questions for participants. Matt and Sarah ultimately led the work, which resulted in a video spotlight that is a high-quality, professional reflection of the state staff and their hard work—making it a win for both the SLDS program and the Mississippi team!
— Carla Howe, Ph.D., SLDS State Support Team

While Matt filmed, Sarah sat off-camera and asked interview questions that she had prepared in advance. This strategy helps make subjects feel comfortable and appear relaxed, since they are responding to another person, not a camera lens. It also creates a natural-looking angle, so subjects look professional on film. Even though Sarah does not appear on camera, her expertise as an interviewer and journalist was instrumental in creating the natural look and feel of the subjects in their featured clips.

Once the interview footage was captured, Matt’s next job was to capture b-roll footage. B-roll is supplemental to the main footage of a film. In this case, it includes shots of personnel interacting with one another, employees typing, and the building exterior. This footage gives some background context to the content of the film’s interview segments.

After filming wrapped, Matt and Sarah returned to their offices, and production began. Matt uploaded the interview footage, upon which Sarah reviewed it. Using criteria set by the client, she developed a script that detailed which content would appear in the video and in what order. She then wrote an introduction and conclusion, which was read by a professional voiceover actor. Finally, Matt edited the video footage to correspond to Sarah’s script, added the voiceover audio, and incorporated background music selected by QIP.

QIP conducted an internal review and then sent the video to EDTAP personnel for their review. Matt made edits based on the feedback. When the final content was approved, he published the video to YouTube, making Mississippi State Spotlight publicly available. The video, along with other QIP-supported videos, is also available on QIP's YouTube channel.

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