Tom Szuba, PhD, Co-founder and Principal

Tom Szuba specializes in the development of data-related publications that empower the education community through audience appropriate, user-friendly, and technically accurate language and graphic design. He works to build consensus on best practices for data system management, refine data-related messaging, and convey actionable information to stakeholders who make policy, administrative, and instructional decisions affecting our education system. Tom understands that access to quality data and program information requires the development and maintenance of robust and reliable data centers including, for example, the cloud-based IES data center that QIP manages.

“We’re making meaningful contributions to the improvement of data centers, data systems, data quality and data-driven decisionmaking at all levels,” Tom says. “QIP is successful at this because we only look for opportunities where we are the right company to meet our clients’ growing and evolving needs, based on our skills and capabilities, staff expertise, and proven record of quality and reliability.”

An effective manager and facilitator of complex projects, Tom possesses extensive data system, communications, management, and consulting experience. His areas of content expertise include data systems and centers, data standards, indicators, information security, data ethics, and website communications and content strategy.

Tom holds a PhD from the University of Virginia, an MEd from the University of California at Berkeley, and a BA in Psychology from Yale University. He is an elder in his church, has served on the board of his local library, and often can be found at fields, stages, and swimming pools rooting for his kids.

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