Sara Sedlmeyer

Sara Sedlmeyer

Sara Sedlmeyer, Human Resources Manager

Sara Sedlmeyer

Sara Sedlmeyer is relationship-focused human resource (HR) professional who is familiar with the best HR practices and policies and who knows how to effectively apply them in the workplace. She oversees the business of managing QIP staff which includes hiring, training and development, staffing, strategic HR management, compliance, team building, and overall morale of the QIP staff.

“I am passionate about the ‘human’ aspect of human resources and find being an advocate for employees immensely rewarding,” Sara said.

Throughout her career, Sara has led corporate human resources efforts for small to mid-size firms, most supporting government agencies, including benefit management, employee relations, training, manager coaching, policy creation, compliance, staffing, metrics, HRIS systems, and employee retention.

Sara has a BA in Management with a concentration in Human Resources, a certificate in HR Analytics and is a Certified Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®). She lives in Northern Virginia with her family and enjoys baking, hiking and sewing.

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