Leigh Huster, Director of Communications, PMP

Leigh Huster is a Project Management Professional (PMP) who specializes in a broad range of communications, including writing, graphic design, web content, front-end coding, and video production projects. They hold a Moderate Risk 5c Security Clearance (Active).

A creative and effective manager, Leigh oversees the editorial and visual side of QIP's communications and content team. They support  QIP’s web content projects through design, needs assessment, web analytics, and content strategy expertise. They also deliver internal and external technical assistance workshops and subsequent engagements with content creators.

“I love wearing many hats in my position,” Leigh says. “I think it’s good to be skilled up in a lot of things instead of a master of one.”

Leigh is proficient using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and many other web applications and tools. They hold a BA in English from Marquette University. They are a member of the Center for Plain Language. Leigh enjoys traveling and dancing in their spare time.

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