Jim Goodell, Director of Innovation

Jim Goodell has extensive experience with data standards and learning technologies. He is Chair of the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee, chairs the IEEE Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering Competencies, Curriculum, and Credentials SIG, the Adaptive Instructional Systems Interoperability Workgroup, and serves on the ICICLE Steering Committee. He has been a key contributor to the Common Education Data Standards and works with stakeholders from early learning through workforce. Jim has also been a voice in many education technology standards initiatives and has delivered numerous presentations at national data, interoperability, and advocacy meetings and conferences.

A shift is taking place in the way data is used to support education,” Jim says. “Student-centered learning requires different processes and data than traditional classroom models and accountability systems. Our work supports the quality and efficiency of data use in current and emerging systems.

Jim is editor and co-author of the Learning Engineering Toolkit: Evidence-Based Practices from the Learning Sciences, Instructional Design, and Beyond. Jim also co-authored a paper on integrated systems for student-centered learning and developed a best-practice guide on the teacher-student data link. He supports the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s T3 Innovation Network and JEDx initiatives and co-led development of the Learning and Employment Record (LER) Wrapper specification. He has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences on education data standards, educational technology, formative assessment, school improvement, and change management.

Before working at QIP, Jim was executive vice president at the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology. He worked with state education agencies, local education agencies, and other learning organizations on education data projects and was the lead architect for the organization’s school improvement planning and performance management systems.

Jim holds a BS in Management from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has held an elementary-level teacher license and served on a local school board. Jim is active in his church and family life with three children.

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