Bridget E. Thomas, PhD, Senior Education Researcher

Bridget E. Thomas has expertise in education policy, research methods, early childhood education, and teacher evaluation. In addition to her work as senior education researcher with QIP, she is an adjunct professor of education policy, research methods, and educational psychology at George Mason University.

Bridget, who has worked at QIP since 2011, serves as an education researcher, analyst, and subject matter expert on contracts for the U.S. Department of Education, state educational associations, and foundations. Her published work and professional presentations place her at the intersection of research and practice, with a particular focus on translating data and information to meet the needs of different audiences.

One thing that connects all the things that I do—and a platform I have developed while at QIP—is pushing for better connections between researchers and practitioners, and within that, emphasizing the need for researchers to do a better job of translating research for multiple audiences. It is essential to understand the need to share research outside of academic circles and to communicate it effectively."

She earned her PhD in Education Policy and Educational Psychology from George Mason University, where she received the 2010 Academic Award for her dissertation, The Purpose of Preschool: Sociocultural Influences on Policy Development and Implementation. She also holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Virginia and an MA in Psychology from Northern Arizona University. In her free time, she enjoys live music, visiting her niece Ava, and playing with her lab mix Marlow.

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