Meet Min Yang, QIP Graphic Designer

Meet Min Yang, QIP Graphic Designer

Meet Min Yang, QIP Graphic Designer

Photo of Min Yang, QIP Graphic Designer

As a lover of drawing and visual expression, Min Yang knew from a young age that she would pursue art professionally.

From infographics to icons and logos to videos to website wireframes to illustrations for blog posts, Min is QIP’s go-to person for graphic design.

“Min is a versatile and well-skilled graphic designer. We are very lucky to have her expertise at QIP,” said Leigh Huster, QIP’s creative director. “She is very efficient and easily translates complex subject matter into engaging visuals.”

Min said she always has been a visual learner, and using graphic design, she can help others learn in the same way she learns.

Unlike most of QIP staffers, Min does not work exclusively on a single contract. She uses her talents to create visuals for a variety of federal education projects, including the What Works Clearinghouse: Statistics, Website, and Training (SWAT), Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), National Forum on Education Statistics (Forum), and Common Education Data Standards (CEDS).

She said she enjoys working with multiple projects. The variety helps keep all her skills sharp. “It’s different each day,” she said. “I get to work on infographics one day, videos the next day for a different client.”

When it comes to software, Min is proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. In 2020, she added Adobe XD, a user experience design tool, to her expertise when QIP entered the Redesign Challenge, a contest to redesign the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) website. The goal was to modernize the website by making it user-driven and ensuring accessibility for all users.

As part of QIP’s team, Min helped develop the wireframes and color palette for the new design. She said she always enjoys learning new software and working with Adobe XD was one of the most interesting aspects of the project.

Min, who immigrated with her family to the United States from Korea to pursue better education opportunities, earned her bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. During her senior year of college, she received a Library of Virginia Winter Reading Program Grant to illustrate print and digital materials—including bookmarks, banners, badges, sticker sheets, and posters—as part of a program to encourage young children to read before entering school. She said she enjoyed working on a project for children and it stressed the importance of education even more for her.

“Education at a young age is very important,” Min said. “Using graphic design, I promote and help those who educate our young children.”

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