Meet Alexandra Henning, Senior Research Analyst

Meet Alexandra Henning, Senior Research Analyst

Meet Alexandra Henning, Senior Research Analyst

Alexandra HenningIn her role as senior research analyst at QIP, Alexandra Henning works on a number of project teams, including Common Education Data Standards (CEDS), National Forum on Education Statistics, Jobs and Employment Data Exchange (JEDx), and Gates Foundation. But it wasn’t always that way.

Starting with QIP in 2006, Alexandra is the company’s longest-standing employee. In her early years with QIP, she worked exclusively as a contractor on the Education Statistics Services Institute (ESSI) project. She worked on the Technical Review Task that supported the work of the chief statistician of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Alexandra’s work included reviewing NCES reports to ensure accuracy and privacy of the data used.

Alexandra worked on EDFacts, the largest K12 data collection from the U.S. Department of Education. There, she provided data programming support and found it interesting to see how data were collected, processed, and analyzed. Today, on CEDS, the Forum, and other projects she acts as a technical writer, editor, researcher, technical assistance provider, and data modeling support.

Growth has been the biggest change Alexandra has seen in the company over the years, as QIP has expanded from a handful of employees and projects to a larger staff with multiple projects and tasks. Amid that growth, the company culture has remained strong and positive.

“People that join QIP are ethical and polite and considerate of other people,” Alexandra said. She credits QIP co-founders Beth Young and Tom Szuba for making that a company priority.

Alexandra’s penchant for problem solving and expanding her knowledge extends to her free time, as well. She enjoys researching and taking online classes in areas such as programming languages and machine learning.

“They may or may not always overlap with what QIP does,” she said, “but what I found over time is that sometimes a client has an odd request, and if you have knowledge from other domains, you can come up with a unique solution.”

“Alexandra has seen our company grow from just a few employees to close to 40,” Beth Young said. “She has been able to use her different skill sets on different projects and tasks, and we are lucky to have someone who is so interested in learning and growing with us.”

Born in Ukraine, Alexandra grew up largely in Poland and now lives in Northern Virginia. She attended Florida Atlantic University and the University of Maryland, and joined QIP when she was a graduate student.

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