How QIP Cares for Its Staff

How QIP Cares for Its Staff

How QIP Cares for Its Staff

It’s February and for many, the season of love. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show your organization and staff love and care. I took a moment to reflect on how we do it at QIP.

image of QIP staff surrounded by icons that represent care

Core Values

QIP’s core values are a good place to start. We crafted these core values at a staff retreat in fall 2017.

Core values help shape the identity and culture of an organization because they serve as the fundamental principles that guide the decision-making and behavior of staff within the company. They provide a framework for making choices and setting priorities, which helps employees align their actions with the overall mission and vision of the organization. QIP’s core values also define the shared beliefs, attitudes, and norms that influence how staff interact and work together.

QIP’s Core Values

  • Commit to quality and integrity in everything we do.
  • Nurture camaraderie and long-term relationships among our valued teammates and partners.
  • Promote collaboration, innovation, compassion, honesty, and growth in ourselves and our communities.
  • Balance work with self-care to elevate our individual and collective potential.
  • Strive to respect and engage what makes each of us unique.
  • Celebrate one another’s business and personal successes.

Open Door Policy

While core values are critical, policies based on those values encourage respect and a healthy balance between work and the rest of life. For example, QIP’s employee handbook, which is reviewed and updated each year, includes an “open door policy,” providing a safe space for conversation and the exchange of ideas. According to QIP’s handbook:

… We believe that this type of communication is best for all concerned. Therefore, when you wish to express your problems, opinions, or suggestions, you will always find an open door and an attentive ear. QIP’s goal is to maintain a comfortable working environment for everybody…

This policy, among many others, helps foster a collaborative and transparent organization by allowing QIP staff to feel valued and heard. Within it, a culture of care is cultivated to elevate QIP’s individual and collective potential.

Regardless of how I celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, I’ll be sure to celebrate the care and core values that QIP provides myself and my colleagues by encouraging quality and open communication and nurturing relationships with those around me.

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