Quality Information Partners produces innovative, customized, and high-quality solutions through trusted relationships with partners—turning data into information.

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We specialize in

  • data standards development and implementation;
  • data systems management and analysis;
  • technology integration, cloud hosting, and data center operations;
  • cybersecurity operations and risk management for FISMA compliance;
  • stakeholder engagement, project management, and meeting facilitation; and
  • research and writing, print and web design, and multimedia production.

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Communications & Content

With expertise in research, writing, editing, graphic and web design, Section 508 compliance, federal plain language guidelines, and video production, QIP supports content creation in a variety of formats. Through careful coordination with clients, QIP provides knowledgeable communications consultation and generates accurate, engaging, and attractive multimedia content. View our portfolio.

Data Management & Standards

We have extensive experience in both data management and standards development. Our expertise includes data definition, governance, quality and use, as well as the development of best practices on topics such as privacy, ethics and education content. We do this with proven stakeholder engagement and consensus building techniques.

Cloud Applications

Our team provides thorough support for designing secure and compliant cloud-based systems for government. Since 2012, we have managed application and data center operations for the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences. QIP's core competencies in IT include Windows Server, SQL database, web applications, cyber security, virtual private cloud, and IT project management.