Join a small team of professionals where you can make a big difference.

We're a small, women-owned business with a big reputation for delivering high-quality products and services. As a member of a small team, you'll have a voice. We're on the lookout for talented, independent-minded people who are committed to their areas of expertise.

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EDMITS team meeting

We're seeking bright, independent, authentic, and passionate people.

Find your team within a team.

QIP has three main groups within our larger team of employees:

  • The Communications & Content team uses their expertise in writing, editing, graphic design, videography, and Section 508 compliance to create and manage publications, websites, and digital media.
  • The Data Management & Standards team uses their data, statistical, writing, and research expertise to improve data systems and standards, particularly in the field of education.
  • The Cloud Applications team uses their information technology (IT) expertise to work on virtual private cloud management, web application support, and cybersecurity.

I feel empowered knowing that our managers trust each of us to carry out our responsibilities, build relationships outside our team, explore innovative approaches, and represent the best of QIP every day.
– Laura, QIP Education Writer/Graphic Designer

Back of QIP staff member's head

We're a team of individuals, not a corporate hierarchy.

At QIP, we conduct business with a spirit of teamwork. Instead of having a top-down management style, our philosophy is to encourage staff to show independence and shine in their diversity, all while collaborating with colleagues.

The entire QIP team worked together to identify and craft our core values. As a result, our employee-developed core values authentically represent who we are. We jointly decided that we believe in committing to quality and integrity, nurturing relationships, promoting compassion and growth, balancing work with self-care, and celebrating successes.

It is deeply rewarding to know that my work supports improved data practices to advance student outcomes Liz, Education Program Analyst

Live and work anywhere from your virtual office.

QIP's office is virtual and offers a flexible physical work environment. We conduct business through email, phone, conference calling, web meetings, and chats. Most employees work remotely from their home offices, some in the D.C. metro area and some in states far away.

We seek to hire candidates who are the best fit for QIP, no matter where they live.

Further, one of our core values is to balance work with self-care. Having a remote office allows team members an uncommon amount of flexibility in time management.

QIP home office

Working remotely offers me a better work-life balance, reduced stress, and as a result, a healthier lifestyle Alexandra, QIP Senior Analyst

Image of QIP staff at a baseball game
At retreats, we engage in not just formal presentations (pictured) but also creative group activities.

Build relationships at retreats and conferences.

Having a virtual office is great, but we also recognize the value of in-person interactions. The QIP team periodically meets in person for retreats as well as national conferences.

Retreats offer the opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills, exchange ideas, and grow relationships with coworkers. Attending conferences helps us serve our clients. Conferences also give us another chance to spend time with colleagues in person.

It’s great to work with inquisitive people who love a challenge and who are genuinely interested in solving problems — Kris, QIP Program Manager

Let's not forget the perks and benefits.

QIP employees receive competitive benefits, including a generous healthcare package and paid holidays, vacation days, and sick leave. After three years, employees can participate in the QIP retirement plan.

One of our core values is the promotion of professional growth. Employees are reimbursed to take courses that develop their professional skills.

Staff are eligible to participate in our acts of community engagement program, an opportunity to engage in community service in the communities in which they live and work.

One of our most popular traditions involves charitable giving. During the holiday season, each employee chooses a charity, and QIP makes a donation to each of them.