Established in 2004, Quality Information Partners (QIP) builds relationships with a growing list of public and private sector clients who use relevant data, communications, and content to achieve crucial objectives.

QIP’s core services include developing audience-appropriate messaging for education data stakeholders such as policymakers, practitioners, state and local education agency (SEA and LEA) staff, and the general public; building consensus among diverse groups of stakeholders across local, state, federal, and national levels; developing and promoting education data standards; and delivering technical assistance to staff, working groups, committees, and conference participants; and operating data centers, managing data systems, and developing practices that help to ensure appropriate data use, privacy, and system security.

Our Core Values

Commit to quality and integrity in everything we do.

Nurture camaraderie and long-term relationships among our valued teammates and partners.

Promote collaboration, innovation, compassion, honesty, and growth in ourselves and our communities.

Balance work with self-care to elevate our individual and collective potential.

Strive to respect and engage what makes each of us unique.

Celebrate one another’s business and personal successes.