Postsecondary Outcomes Data

Using & Disseminating Postsecondary Outcomes Data

Education stakeholders need high-quality data about students’ postsecondary experiences to support and prepare them for postsecondary success. Education agencies can analyze postsecondary outcomes data to identify which institutions and programs best prepare students for success in higher education and the workforce. Postsecondary outcomes data also can highlight achievement gaps among different student groups.

Collecting and using this data allows states to track student success after high school and through higher education, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that their education programs align with equity goals.To learn more about the importance of postsecondary outcomes data, check out our blog post.

Best Practice Uses of Postsecondary Outcomes Data: How States Support Stakeholders

This resource provides best practice guidance for state-level postsecondary outcomes data users. It is designed to help state education agencies (SEAs) implement strategies to disseminate postsecondary outcomes data to education stakeholders, including K-12 districts and schools, parents and other caregivers, students, and policymakers, and help them use data to make informed decisions.

These best practices were developed through a series of conversations with states that are committed to getting postsecondary outcomes data into the hands of education stakeholders at a local level.

  1. Develop and promote a data-sharing culture
  2. Connect data from multiple sources
  3. Create accessible and user-friendly data reports
  4. Provide ongoing and adaptive support to districts
  5. Establish communities of practice

Exemplar States Use of Postsecondary Outcomes Data

In addition to the best practice guidance, QIP identified several states with exemplary practices for using and disseminating postsecondary outcomes data

Michigan's MI School Data Portal

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Minnesota's Regional Coaching Network

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North Carolina's Targeted Support

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