Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary to Us

post-it notes exerciseThis month, Quality Information Partners is celebrating 15 years in business. Since we opened in 2004, we have grown from a two-person company into an organization of more than 30 people committed to our employee-developed core values.

We recently gathered for a company retreat, an opportunity for us to participate in shared professional development. Because of our milestone anniversary, we each reflected on our time with QIP and shared favorite memories from the past 15 years.

Themes that emerged from these memories include camaraderie, work-life balance, appreciation, and accomplishment. Here, we share some of our best moments with you:

My first week at QIP:

  • I was happy to find a place that values work-life balance.

  • I remember feeling lucky that I found this group of people.

  • The education world seemed really daunting with its acronyms—but fellow QIP staff really helped (and continue to help) me learn. They are always willing to take time to walk me through something.

  • I remember bringing my plant to my cubicle and getting a cheery QIP welcome phone call.

  • I remember getting ready for work, fixing my hair, and realizing how ridiculous it seemed when I sat at my desk.

  • I went to a QIP happy hour at which several people told me how much they loved QIP.

  • I was excited and relieved that everyone I met seemed kind and sane and also good at their jobs.

  • I was excited and apprehensive. I wondered, "Is this too good to be true?"

  • I cleaned out a storage closet for a workspace.

  • I attended STATS-DC and bought my first work suit on the way there!

Something meaningful that has happened in my professional life since I started at QIP:

  • Feedback from client after process and data quality improvements.

  • Being recognized by the client as a valued team member and subject matter expert.

  • Helping launch QIP video business.

  • Developing processes with QIP team members that are still used today.

  • First peer-reviewed journal article published.

  • Giving a successful presentation at STATS-DC.

  • Chosen to work on new systems across multiple Department of Education program offices.

  • Seeing the retreat come together and experiencing it.

  • Others saying work I presented would be valuable to them.

  • Being able to provide a solution for a client who asked for a change in deliverables on a new type of work.

  • Having an infographic published with my design.

  • QIP staff members showed empathy toward me during family emergencies.

  • Having a deliverable get approved with no changes from the client.

  • Going to an in-person proposal-development meeting with other firms.

  • Overcoming my fear of doing certain kinds of work and learning new software.

  • Being promoted to manager.

  • Making a quick transition to new role, which required learning new skills in a short amount of time.

  • Working on QIP's first live-action video.

  • Working on a best practice guide that got published.

We are grateful to all who celebrate with us and who work with us. We look forward to making more memories in the coming years with old friends and new.

Bridget Thomas, PhD: Senior Education Researcher
Growing a Woman-Owned Small Business